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New type of nc machine tools up to international advanced level in our country

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Research and development of "SZT2-60 double mobile drilling and boring machine tool" the successful completion of the project. Experts said: the key technical indicators of the projects have reached the international advanced level, some indicators even reached the leading level in the world, is a significant breakthrough in the field of high-end CNC machine tool.
Machine tool industry, especially high-end CNC machine tool industry is the foundation of modern equipment manufacturing industry, machine tool industry developed or not, directly determines a country's level of development of equipment manufacturing industry. For a long time, because the core technology and key components of heteronomy, the lack of innovation, manufacturing industry in the field of heavy equipment, especially high-grade machine tool market, has been the international equipment manufacturing giant.
The "Ssangyong SZT2-60 mobile drilling and boring machine tool" is one of the special issue of major countries in 2012 "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" technology. This project was the industry known as the mechanical manufacturing industry "aircraft carrier", mainly for large marine drilling and milling process Tang key components of low speed diesel engine base, rack and cylinder etc., with the machine processing car, milling, drilling, boring, milling and planing function, set a number of advanced equipment manufacturing industry key technology, the overall performance and reliability design are achieved breakthrough innovation. As a high precision heavy duty machine, the machine can be huge parts processing a length of 26 meters, 6.3 meters wide, 4 meters high, weighing tons, and the integration of sophisticated technology advanced, can meet the electric power, chemical industry, ship, submarine, ports and other large equipment manufacturing.