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Cordless phones product advantage

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The development of digital cordless telephone, the State Ministry of information industry as early as two years ago had save, introduced the 2.4G digital cordless standard, to standardize the market of digital cordless telephone. The opening band for digital cordless telephone has cleared the way for. But at the time, digital cordless more as a technical concept, is not familiar to the public. The digital cordless technology exactly what advantage?
Digital cordless telephone has 6 major advantages: high clear voice quality, security and secrecy anti-interference, greater range, low power consumption power lasting calls, extensible intercom, health environmental protection and low radiation. Compared with the use of a 45000000000000 to 48000000000000 analog cordless phone, 2.4G digital cordless telephone in the distance calls, sound quality, anti-interference ability, confidentiality and so has obvious advantage, which is the most direct reason to upgrade the digital analog cordless. The specific advantages for sound quality than analog cordless telephone more clear; but, due to the adoption of digital communication technology, communication distance can be far away. Digital cordless phone use in open and no radio interference and spacious environment, the distance can reach 300 meters away. At the same time, the first
Streamlined cordless telephone
Digital technology has good secrecy and anti-jamming, that is to say before "with ordinary FM radio can eavesdrop cordless telephone conversation" phenomenon does not exist.
Although digital cordless has the advantage of technology There is nothing comparable to this, but because the digital cordless telephone prices high early, beyond the reach of most domestic family bear ability, the promotion, the Chinese users to only a small number of high-end users. Although Siemens has been vigorously promoting digital cordless concept, but by industrial scale, digital cordless prices still remain high, many consumers of digital cordless full of expectation, but because of the price limits did not purchase behavior.
We Chinese economy continues to improve, the real estate market continued to heat up, China people living quality have improved. Therefore, the traditional analog cordless technology can't meet the demand of high quality of family communication.
Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. officially released its latest digital cordless telephone C42 in china. It just one appearance, with 500 yuan high price has become the focus of the market. After the domestic digital cordless telephone price is in commonly 700 to 1600 yuan between, the debut C42 digital cordless market will break the ice, sounded China cordless phone into the digital era of universal horn.