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The domestic market radio recording of a few big problem resolution

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1, all call recording:


On the domestic market at present, almost no device in a wireless access to the intercom calls, some manufacturers claim can be wireless access, the actual principle is in the recording equipment added a radio receiving module, in other words, is inside a walkie-talkie. This way there are a few problems: acquisition range of frequencies, collection, and cost. Because of the built-in receiver module can only cover a certain frequency range, and different industry applications will have a lot of different frequency range, such as civil, military, public security, railway, the maritime safety administration, they are independent of the frequency range, if is only built in a receiving module, its applicable scope will be small; The second problem is the distance between acquisition, intercom is less power than radio transceiver distance much smaller, if the built-in intercom, module can't replace antenna, it won't be able to go to record the radio; The third problem is the cost for professional walkie-talkie, the price is very expensive, with built-in receiving module must be more expensive than the outer. Swift VLD series recording equipment, all is the way that USES external radio recordings, brands and models do not have any requirements for intercom, used for recording the intercom can still be used as a routine, can at any time can be replaced interphone, can use the existing interphone, civilian dedicated any replacement.


2, the tape will not happen omissions:


When you select a recording equipment, not only consider the price, cheap recording equipment besides itself function and performance of the single, acoustic response speed is often low, because they are using low-speed MCU in order to save cost. It will appear a lot of pragraphs, say a word in front of several words, for a lot of trouble later forensics query. Swift the VLD series radio recording equipment acoustic response rate of similar products in the domestic leading, only a millisecond delay, much faster than moving is a few seconds delay.


3, can you get ID:


ID usually has two kinds, one kind is to launch DTMF code, still have a kind of digital coding. For the first, our VLD series radio recording equipment, is available. For a second, I'm sorry, not only we can't get VLD series recording equipment, any other third party products not available, because it is digital, use is only a walkie-talkie can identify coding, third party recording equipment, can be to decrypt it


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