About Us
Nanan Jiye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, and sales of wireless communication equipment. The company has gathered a group of highly skilled professionals with rich experience, who are proactive, pioneering, and innovative. They truly provide comprehensive solutions for the application of line communication equipment for users at home and abroad. Successfully developed a series of twenty products with high-quality technology, including relay systems, digital DMR walkie talkies, explosion-proof walkie talkies, dual-mode walkie talkies, public network communication, high-power, etc. Widely used in enterprises and institutions, security, mining, logistics and transportation, construction sites, and many other industries. The product is popular in various industries and markets. Our companys products are exported to more than 20 countries in Southeast Asia and Europe and America. Our products have established a foothold in the domestic market and have been recognized and praised by various sectors of society for their high cost-effectiveness and high-quality service. The company adheres to the principle of putting users first, upholds the famous saying of "receiving people with trust, the world trusts them" as its belief, continues to operate with the business philosophy of "market-oriented, customer-centric, quality core, and service guarantee", and adheres to the enterprise principle of "talent first, continuous innovation". Strict and pragmatic management continues to climb. Design and produce high-quality products based on user needs, serving domestic and foreign users with new concepts and innovative spirit.
The company has a 22 year development history
Covering an area of over 20000 square meters
Multiple countries and regions worldwide